[maemo-developers] Pygtk-glade-maemo

From: Alma Prlja alma_prlja at hotmail.com
Date: Sun Mar 18 15:53:27 EET 2007

I created an application using Glade and PyGTK. I am trying to run it on 
Maemo platform, but it is not going so well. When I run it with the command 
run-standalone.sh ./app, it is working fine. The problem is when I create a 
debian package and try to install it on maemo. The application appears in 
'Extras' but when I click on it, nothing happens. When I try to get to the 
Application Manager it appears in the window and disappears directly after. 
Does anyone know how to get a working application in Maemo? Did anyone had a 
same or similiar problem?

Best Regards

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