[maemo-developers] Compiler can't find glibconfig.h

From: Kimmo Hämäläinen kimmo.hamalainen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Mar 20 13:16:33 EET 2007
On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 18:21 -0600, ext Paul F. Sehorne wrote:
> I apologize if this is a duplicate.  I had problems with the first email 
> I sent.  Below is the original message with corrections...
> Last evening I followed the instructions in the INSTALL.txt of Maemo 3.0 
> 'bora'.  I used the automated install scripts.  Everything seems to have 
> gone fine.  'hello.c' compiled fine in the SDK_ARMEL environment.  
> However, when I try to compile the sample hildon program I am greeted 
> with a message stating that 'glibconfig.h' cannot be found, and, in 
> fact, it is not there.  How do I get past this problem?

Install libglib2.0-dev and use pkg-config's output when compiling your

gcc ... `pkg-config --libs --cflags glib-2.0` ...

> Thanks,

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