[maemo-developers] FW: Maemo

From: Alma Prlja alma_prlja at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 21 13:32:06 EET 2007

I have created an application for Nokia 770
using pygtk and glade. I tested it in the scratchbox and it all work
well. Then I tried to install the app_arm.deb file on the Nokia 770
and that also went well. The problem is that the application doesn't
start on the Nokia. I think that it must be the link to the .glade
file or something. When I create the deb package I have 6 files
in setup file I put the files in these directories
('share/applications/hildon', 	[ 'dbc.desktop' ]),
('share/dbc', 			[ 'dbc.glade' ]),
('share/dbus-1/services', 	[ 'dbc.service' ])
In the .service and .desktop files I put the Exec file in
and in the .py file I connect the python code with the glade file with
What changes do I have to do to get the application running on Nokia 770?

Best regards

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