[maemo-developers] Converting PDFs toN770's Resolution

From: Mika Yrjölä exploderi at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 21 17:31:14 EET 2007
Amichai Rotman wrote:

>I have a bunch of PDF files I would like to read on my 770.
>These PDFs are an eZine and consist of purely heavy graphics set to a normal
>PC screen resolution.

>I am running an Ubuntu Edgy box at home, and I though I could convert the
>files to the 770's screen resolution - optimized screen resolution and
>smaller file size (some of them get as big as 14 MB(!)


one way to do this might be to use ImageMagick tools to first convert
the PDF to a series of images, scale them to the desired resolution
and then rebuild the PDF from the images.

That would go something like the following:

convert -scale new_widthxnew_height my-original.pdf individual-pages.png

This should result to a series of images that are scaled down to the
specified size.

Then you can rebuild the pdf with

convert individual-pages*.png my-new.pdf

Actually, it seems to be possible to do an one-step scaling & conversion with

convert -scale new_widthxnew_height my-original.pdf my-new.pdf

but the intermediate step might be handy if you want to do some other
kind of cosmetic changes to the images in addition to the scaling.

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