[maemo-developers] How to install Xepphyr deb file on Redhat which uses rpms?

From: Paul F. Sehorne paul at sehorne.org
Date: Wed Mar 21 23:32:02 EET 2007
I now have yum working (Installed version 2.0.8.) BUT.....

Unfortunately the command suggested in the post below does not work 
(even with the typo corrected).  I suspect the reason is that there is 
no rpm for xephyr (only deb) except for the one I created with alien.  
(Another reason could be that list of repositories in the yum.conf is 
out of date)

I have added a stanza to yum.conf that points to a directory on my 
machine where I have placed a (dummy) header.info file.  yum finds the 
header.info file, but of course complains about its format.  So I now 
have to know the format to put in the header.info file.  (I just want to 
write code!)  I'm searching the Internet and have learned that later 
versions of yum no longer use the header.info file.  They now use xml.  
Of course, I would still have to know the format of the xml if there is 
no public repository for xephyr that is compatible with yum (meaning an 
rpm repository I assume). 


Vladislav Grinchenko wrote:
> try 'sudo yum install xorg-x11-serer-Xephyr'
> --Vlad
> On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 09:33 -0600, Paul F. Sehorne wrote:
>> Thanks to advice from Kimmo Hämäläinen, I now have my first Hildon 
>> program (the sample) compiled and ready to run.  Next is to get Xephyr 
>> running.  I'm running Redhat which uses RPMs.  How do I install the 
>> Xephyr DEB file?
>> Thanks,


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