[maemo-developers] Gstreamer and mpeg4 decoder elements

From: MoRpHeUz morpheuz at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 22 22:33:45 EET 2007
Hi Justino,

> Shouldn't hantro4100 be able to handle mpeg4? Also tried with h263p and
> got the same problem. Wasn't able to use h263 since there is no
> depayloader...

I used this to stream video through gstreamer using h263...

gst-launch-0.10 udpsrc uri=udp:// caps="application/x-rtp,
media=(string)video, payload=(int)96, clock-rate=(int)90000,
encoding-name=(string)H263-1998, ssrc=(guint)2572236931,
clock-base=(guint)1217098624, seqnum-base=(guint)3621" ! queue !
rtph263pdepay ! ffdec_h263 ! xvimagesink sync=false

 gst-launch-0.10 -v filesrc location=dvb.mpg ! flutsdemux name=d !
queue ! ffdec_mpeg2video ! videoscale !
video/x-raw-yuv,width=240,height=144 ! ffenc_h263p ! rtph263ppay !
udpsink   d. ! queue !  fakesink silent=true

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