[maemo-developers] Setting Up Ram Drive on N800?

From: Steve Polishinski nokia800 at titan.gotdns.com
Date: Mon Mar 26 02:09:09 EEST 2007

My goal is to convert RAW photo images off my camera's SD card inserted into 
the Nokia 800 and dump them to a web site.  It's working, albeit very slowly. 
I believe the majority of the time (2 minutes per picture, not including the 
web transfer) is spent reading or writing to SD Flash memory.  Though I am 
capable of getting the Maemo SDK running on my Linux box, figuring out how to 
setup a Ram Drive on the N800 escapes me.  The normal Googling for setting up 
a Linux ram drive doesn't apply to the limited N800 target. 

Can anyone provide a link or hints on how to setup a ram drive on the N800?  I 
believe a 16 Meg RAM drive would be fine for my needs.

I'll back up a bit and describe how I do this, focusing on the SD Flash reads 
and writes.  Perhaps someone will have a better idea than the RAM drive.  The 
(#) "things" below are either a read or write to a SD card.

dcraw reads (1) the RAW photo file off the write protected camera SD Card in 
the external slot.  It converts the ~10 Meg RAW file to a ~7Meg TIFF file,  
writing (2) it to the internal N800 SD card. Using the program "convert" from 
the ImageMagicK package, the TIFF file is then read (3) and converted (4) to 
a ~200K jpeg file.  I worry about the web upload of the jpeg later.

It would be nice to have the write (2) and read (3) in RAM.  I toss the TIFF 
file anyway.

Thanks, Steve

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