[maemo-developers] What to believe? The search result or the Text

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Fri Mar 30 15:27:36 EEST 2007
On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 11:49:51AM -0400, Acadia Secure Networks wrote:
> when I run a search on the maemo.org applications tab using "IT OS 2007" 
> the search comes up with a lot of "hits" that indicate
>    For IT OS 2006 <http://downloads.maemo.org/product/glurp>
> but have no indication for OS 2007? In that case why are these showing 
> up in the filtered search result? Will they in fact work on OS 2007 or not?

I think the search is broken.  Please report this on the tracker at

Marius Gedminas
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