[maemo-developers] qemu gentoo based cd

From: Kees Jongenburger kees.jongenburger at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 31 20:14:04 EEST 2007

I am creating a gentoo based qemu image for maemo development
I want to support at least version SDK 2.1 and 3.1 of the maemo sdk.
The rationale is quite simple I want it for the MUD project so we can
build binaries
from a scratch scratchbox every time and perhaps give out the image to
other who have some spare cpu. The last version I created was based on
DammSmallLinux and had some shortcommings(kernel 2.4 busybox based
shell etc) but now I am trying again under gentoo I still have the
same problems that I had before (the non deb installer is kind of
broken I think) and I have the feeling that I am going through the
same pain again(patching the installers etc), anyway Would maemo be
interested in hosting the image? If so I would consider adding a few
more development tools to the image ( glade python wxglade ) is there
interest for such an image.


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