[maemo-users] N800 won't connect via WPA2...says "network does not support"

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Sun Oct 28 20:44:03 EET 2007
I now have WPA2 (aes?) forced on N800 and it works.

Apparently dd-wrt in "wpa2 mixed" mode wasn't compatible with N800 scheme.

I've been working with Winbloze for 20 years? now and didn't know there
were updates outside of Windows Update?

I had no ability for wpa2 on my xp tabletpc or wifey's xp laptop...only
wpa. Atheros provided wpa2 but I preferred using std windows. After some
googling I found various hotfixes for XP SP2 that are outside of Windows
Update mechanism....why? How the heck do you find out about these other
than knowing you need them and googling?

After applying hotfix dd-wrt is now set for "wpa2/aes only"....and all
clients are on strongest except for wife's "legacy" (ahem) laptop.

My last option to try was shortening the wpa2 passphrase....it is fairly
large and I heard there were issues with this.

thanks all for help/suggestions...all is well again.


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