[maemo-users] N800 won't connect via WPA2...says "network does not support"

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Mon Oct 29 05:43:30 EET 2007
On Sunday 28 October 2007 10:09:24 Mike Klein wrote:
> Thanks for help all.
> I managed to unbrick my wrt54gl (tftp via orig. linksys firmware at
> reboot of unit...whew!) and got onto v24RC4 (was on rc1). This and a
> reboot after configuring for "WPA2Mixed/TKIP+AES" yields the following
> results:
> 8525 (WM5): Connect via WPA2/AES (at least it says so)
> N800: Connect only via WPA (wpa2 still yields network msg)...not sure
> whether tkip or aes.
> ST5111 (WinXP): Now (After router reboot) uses WPA/AES and not
> tkip...but still no wpa2.
>     Tried Msoft and Athereos...only atheros had wpa2 option...but it
> falls back to wpa.
> Inspiron (WinXP): WPA-PSK/AES (not even option for wpa2)
> So firmware upgrade only yielded ability to use AES whereas before all
> clients were tkip. The router reboot after making settings changes may
> have done this actually. dd-wrt seems to get a little confused when
> you're in the ui going and forth between ssid hidden/visible and making
> security changes.
> I will start looking for dd-wrt bug/changelist (they don't bundle with
> firmware downloads?!?) and am of belief now that (perhaps) WM5 is
> "falling back" to WPA...although I do have it explicitly set to WPA2 and
> not WPA. I wouldn't think fallback would NOT occur in this case as there
> is specific selection for wpa2. Oddly enough my tablet pc (st5111) only
> has WPA2/WPA option...wpa2 cannot be forced.
> [side note]
> dd-wrt is so flexible now. I could setup virtual ssid (all are hidden)
> for my wife's old WEP-only laptop and further restrict access by macid.
> I am even restricting by macid on wpa2 ssid as well. N800 is in these
> lists although it's hostname doesn't show up in wifi list.
> What was I thinking reflashing my primary AP first and not my backup
> unit...that's what it's there for...doh!
> [/side note]
> mike

Mike I like to think of doing this kind of thing as a desire to live 
dagerously and an inward urge to really chew my own a$$ out.  *grin*


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