[maemo-community] Maemo Community Council Q1 2011 nominations are now open...

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Tue Mar 15 15:51:48 EET 2011
On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 21:04, Tim Samoff <tim at samoff.com> wrote:
> Please see this page for more info:
> http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council/Council_election_Q1_2011

I believe, if I'm not mistaken, we've got five candidates:

  * RM Bauer (SD69)
    -- http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2011-March/004701.html

  * Alan Bruce (qole)
    -- http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2011-March/004712.html

  * Felipe Crochik (felipec)
    -- http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2011-March/004715.html

  * Attila Csipa (achipa)
    -- http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2011-March/004723.html

  * Randall Arnold (Texrat) - awaiting clarification
    -- http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2011-March/004717.html

Once Randall clarifies his position we either have three slots to be
filled from four candidates; or five slots to be filled from five


What are people's thoughts on the matter? Do we want to run an
election where everybody is going to get on the Council anyway (to
give the new council a sense of a mandate?) or do we start the
transition process straightaway?

Thanks in advance,


PS. Could someone update the wiki page, please?
PPS. Similar message posted at TMO :

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