[maemo-developers] OS 2007 / 770 hacker edition with sound and video

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Fri Mar 2 14:00:26 EET 2007
Carlos Guerreiro wrote:
> Markku is organizing the patches them in the OS2007 on 770 garage project,
> against the source code in Maemo 3.0:
> https://garage.maemo.org/projects/os2007on770/
> Many problems remain, some of which will likely be on free components.
> All open source code for the attempt to use the newer kernel and initfs 
> will be published as well.


thank you for the OS2007 on 770 project and thank you for publishing all 
the info. Recent changes in wiki documenting all details are much 
appreciated. I have installed it on my N770 and I'm impressed. This is 
perfectly usable system :-) Seems even faster (except booting) than 
OS2006. All the goodies from N800 (better desktop, better browser UI) 
are there. I haven't seen any glitches yet except the accuradio one 
(already fixed) and some control panel and connectivity oddities after 
first boot that never appeared after next reboot. Also there are some 
references to N800 which doesn't bother me but may someone.

I think this project so far proved that

1. OS2007 on N700 makes perfect sense (i.e. is not slow and unusable and 
even improves few things) so it was worthwile. IMO even the 
non-supported status is OK since there are also tons of bugs in OS2006 
waiting ages to fix despite its status (sorry :-). The biggest reason to 
not to use this system is the same as with N800 i.e. current lack of 
OS2007 applications.

2. Many fixes are in closed components so we can just watch one hacker 
with non-public knowledge having fun instead of having ability to do it 
ourselves without Nokia or effectively join key parts of the process.

So now one question is, what about future?

Are Sardine or other fishy distributions still for N770 too? Will your 
patches be merged to IT2007 code so it will not be hardcoded to N800 and 
the planned device independence (mentioned by Ari) will be part of 
OS2007? Can we also expect newer OS2007 on N770 releases based on newer 
N800 firmwares with newer features and APIs?

BTW, as current OS2007 on N770 version uses same kernel and initfs as 
latest OS2006, it is possible to dual boot between OS2006 and 7 and even 
extract and flash just the rootfs.jffs2 from FIASCO image and do not 
loose the bootmenu and/or custom kernel when installing.


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