[maemo-developers] OS 2007 / 770 hacker edition with sound and video

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Fri Mar 2 16:03:07 EET 2007
On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 01:00:26PM +0100, Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> 1. OS2007 on N700 makes perfect sense (i.e. is not slow and unusable and 
> even improves few things) so it was worthwile. IMO even the 
> non-supported status is OK since there are also tons of bugs in OS2006 
> waiting ages to fix despite its status (sorry :-). The biggest reason to 
> not to use this system is the same as with N800 i.e. current lack of 
> OS2007 applications.

What applications do you miss?  "Porting" OS2006 apps to OS2007 should
be pretty trivial, if the sources are available.

Marius Gedminas
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