[maemo-developers] N800 and USB host mode

From: Andreas Hubel ah at hubel-elektroanlagen.de
Date: Sun Mar 4 16:57:03 EET 2007
Perhaps, you don't need USB as the Nokia 770 and N800 each have an
speaker and microphone. Okay the microphone at 770 has no jack, but as
far as i now at N800, but you could also use a bluetooth headset to get
a line in ;-) And as serial device you could use the serial port at the
backside pins of the device, at least for n700 the pin layout is public.

but okay usb would be nicer, because it would only be one jack.

mfg ah

David Hagood schrieb:
> Has anybody played around with trying to get the N800 to support USB
> host mode? Yes, I know that this won't work without a modified USB hub
> to inject +5V onto the USB port.
> The reason I ask is that I was planning on trying to port a program
> over, and I'd really like to have USB host mode support for the program
> (GMFSK, a program for amateur radio operators to do digital signaling
> over HF, and I really need both an extra USB audio device and a USB
> serial device to get the maximum benefit out of the program.)
> At first glance, it looks like building the kernel with the OMAP OTG
> support might just work, but I was curious is anybody else had tried
> this.
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