[maemo-developers] FW: [Telepathy] Announce: mission-control 4.17

From: Devesh.Kothari at nokia.com Devesh.Kothari at nokia.com
Date: Mon Mar 12 09:10:27 EET 2007
FYI, just in hope that this announcement does not go unnoticed :)


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>Subject: [Telepathy] Announce: mission-control 4.17
>Hi all,
>Let me take the pleasure to announce our first public release of
>(telepathy) mission-control. The release is sufficiently 
>stable and implements most of the features that were planned. 
>We hope you will enjoy using it in your telepathy based 
>communication softwares for more powerful integration. It uses 
>glib and gconf hence is mostly suitable for GTK/GNOME based 
>What is Mission Control?
>Mission Control, or MC, is a Telepathy component providing a 
>way for "end-user" applications to abstract some of the 
>details of connection managers, to provide a simple way to 
>manipulate a bunch of connection managers at once, to remove 
>the need to have in each program the account definitions and 
>credentials, to manage channel handling/request and to manage 
>presence statues. See the diagram at homepage.
>What is new?
>This is the first release of mission-control that implements 
>most features as explained in the above URL.
>Where to get it?
>What are the dependencies?
>glib, gconf
>Happy coding.
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