[maemo-developers] Xephyr trouble

From: Alma Prlja alma_prlja at hotmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 12 12:21:11 EET 2007
I have some trubles with the scratchbox and maemo. According to Maemo
tutorial I should use a Xephyr graphical window to run the application.
When I installed the sctachbox 2 months ago everything was OK but now I
can not run the maemo applications. When I run the Xephyr with


first the window opens then when we close the window I get this message

X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

if I ignore that message and try to run the maemo from the scratchbox with

[sbox-SDK_PC: ~] > export DISPLAY=:2
[sbox-SDK_PC: ~] > af-sb-init.sh start

I get this

Note: For remote X connections DISPLAY should contain hostname!
Sample files present.
Starting DBUS system bus
Starting D-BUS session bus daemon
Starting Maemo Launcher: maemo-launchermaemo-launcher[5269]: GLIB CRITICAL
** Gdk - gdk_display_close: assertion `GDK_IS_DISPLAY (display)' failed
Starting Sapwood image server
sapwood-server[5284]: GLIB WARNING ** Gdk - cannot open display: (null)
Starting Matchbox window manager
matchbox-wm: can't open display! check your DISPLAY variable.
Starting clipboard-manager
Starting Keyboard
Could not open display. Is the DISPLAY environment variable set?
maemo-launcher: invoking '/usr/bin/hildon-input-method.launch'
Starting MAEMO AF Desktop
maemo-launcher: invoking '/usr/bin/maemo_af_desktop.launch'
[sbox-SDK_PC: ~] > maemo-launcher: child (pid=5323) exited due to signal=11
maemo-launcher: child (pid=5330) exited due to signal=11

Does anybody know the solution to this problem

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