[maemo-developers] using pygtk application in maemo

From: Alma Prlja alma_prlja at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 14 12:45:24 EET 2007

I created one application using pygtk and glade. The goal is ti run it on 
Nokia770, but first I need to install it in maemo. I created .desktop file, 
mikefile, setup.py and created debian package containing files such as 
control, rules...
When I try to install it on maemo, it apear in application manager, but it 
doas'nt apear in Extras menu and I can't run it. When I try to run it with 
run-standalone.sh from terminal, it doas'nt work.
In my application I use gtk widgets and use pygtk. Is it necessary to change 
to hildon widget to get application to be executable in maemo? Do I have to 
change something alse in my pygtk code to make the application executable in 
Is there any one who have any idea how to solve this problem??

Best regards

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