[maemo-developers] Which Scratchbox for 64bit?

From: Luca Donaggio donaggio at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 14 15:28:36 EET 2007
I've just finished setting up my shiny new amd64 box with Ubuntu Feisty and
I'm wondering which options do I have to install Maemo SDK:

- installing Scratchbox Apophis by hand using the i386 .debs (using dpkg -i
- installing Scratchbox Apophis by hand using the *.tar.gzs
- installing Scratchbox2 using Lauri Leukkunen's toolchain for amd64 (it
seems that it can generate compatible arm debs, but can I develop under sb2
as well? I mean can I setup an i386 target and launch af-sb-init.sh etc.?)
- use a chrooted 32bit environment and the maemo sdk installation script


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