[maemo-developers] Which Scratchbox for 64bit?

From: Lauri Leukkunen lle at rahina.org
Date: Wed Mar 14 19:48:51 EET 2007
On 14/03/07 14:28 +0100, Luca Donaggio wrote:
> - installing Scratchbox2 using Lauri Leukkunen's toolchain for amd64 (it
> seems that it can generate compatible arm debs, but can I develop under sb2
> as well? I mean can I setup an i386 target and launch af-sb-init.sh etc.?)

I'd be really happy if you have the patience and time to use SB2, it's not
going to be a walk in the park, but I'm definitely interested in sorting out
any possible issues with it.

As for maemo development on x86, you *should* be able to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
PKG_CONFIG_PATH & co so that you can run the stuff without scratchbox or
chroots. I've no idea why this hasn't been done already. Gnome has multiple
build systems that allow for this kind of thing.

So I'd go for SB2 for cross-compiling and a simple Garnome-style x86
development/testing environment. Both require quite a bit of work to get
going, but would result in a much improved end-result as compared to
current sb1 based thing. Effectively this would un-maemofy Maemo ;)
You might be able to use some of the end-result on your regular desktop.
Dunno if that's good or bad...


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