[maemo-developers] Recompiling the Kernel

From: Michael Matalon biggas at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 14 15:46:39 EET 2007
Hello all,
I would like to find out how to recompile the kernel with the newly
released wlan drivers already embedded so that I don't have to
manually remove and insert the new one. I know the remove and insert
work, because I have been sucessful at it in the past, but I just want
a method so that I wouldn't have to do this.
Once this is done, is there a way to create my own bin file (maemo
image) so that I can flash my device if I mess it up in the future?
I would really appreciate some help with this hopefully in the form of
steps on how to do it. I normally do a google search on how to do
things but this time I decided to go straight to the developers who
might have done this before.
Thank you.

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