[maemo-developers] Pymaemo GUI wrapper toolkit (v1)

From: Sean Luke sean at cs.gmu.edu
Date: Mon Mar 19 18:05:33 EET 2007
I've been working behind the scenes on a "wrapper" toolkit around GTK  
to work around GTK bugs and misfeatures, significantly simplify  
development, and add some seriously needed features (like object  
persistence and cleaning up signals)

Daniel Amelang asked if the toolkit would be open.  The answer is:  
yes!  Here's my first experimental version, plus documentary:


The library comes with a test function you might find fun.

Eero Tamminen reminded me to work hard to keep persistence database  
corruption from screwing up the app.  I hope I've done an okay job  

Now that my homework is finished, allow me to gripe: I have never  
dealt with a more buggy, inconsistent, poorly-considered library than  
GTK in my whole life.  It is incredible!  In the course of building  
this small toolkit I've stumbled across about 30 major GTK bugs, and  
have reported a number of them.  I've been able to work around many,  
but sadly not all, of these bugs in my wrapper toolkit.


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