[maemo-developers] Pymaemo GUI wrapper toolkit (v1)

From: Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri barbieri at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 19 23:22:38 EET 2007
On 3/19/07, Sean Luke <sean at cs.gmu.edu> wrote:
> I've been working behind the scenes on a "wrapper" toolkit around GTK
> to work around GTK bugs and misfeatures, significantly simplify
> development, and add some seriously needed features (like object
> persistence and cleaning up signals)
> Daniel Amelang asked if the toolkit would be open.  The answer is:
> yes!  Here's my first experimental version, plus documentary:
>         http://cs.gmu.edu/~sean/stuff/n800/toolkit/
> The library comes with a test function you might find fun.

Hi Sean,

Since 2 years ago I develop Eagle, a Python module to help GUI
development. It was ported to Maemo last year, but due last Canola
development I was unable to keep it updated (it lacks menu and
toolbars on Maemo), but it mostly works:


PS: SVN is out, since I was keeping my own server that died, I'm
waiting for google code to accept the project as "eagle", but I still
have to wait since SourceForge already have a project with this name.
If I don't get any reply this week (I asked it  3 weeks ago)  I'll
register it as eagle-py.

> Eero Tamminen reminded me to work hard to keep persistence database
> corruption from screwing up the app.  I hope I've done an okay job
> there.
> Now that my homework is finished, allow me to gripe: I have never
> dealt with a more buggy, inconsistent, poorly-considered library than
> GTK in my whole life.  It is incredible!  In the course of building
> this small toolkit I've stumbled across about 30 major GTK bugs, and
> have reported a number of them.  I've been able to work around many,
> but sadly not all, of these bugs in my wrapper toolkit.

I second you here! GTK is a beast, API is really incosistent,
implementation is buggy, ... but we have to live with it :-(

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