[maemo-developers] Summer Of Code Proposal: Wifi Localization

From: Guy Van den Broeck guyvdb at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 19 22:35:20 EET 2007

I have an idea for a project for the Google Summer of Code. It's not
really mentioned on the "ideas"-page so I'll present it here first:
Over the past year I have been writing modules and demo applications
that use WiFi signal strengths to localise the user inside a building.
In urban areas, or inside buildings, where GPS systems often fail, WiFi
signals are a good alternative. 

There are 2 possible approaches:
-you can use the list of available MAC-addresses to find your position
with a resolution of 10s of meters. This can be done by using an (open
source) wardriving database like SkyHook's, or wigle.net's.
-you can use the signalstrengths together with fingerprints taken on
e.g. a university campus or a game hall and find the user's position
with a resolution of 1-2 meters. This is suitable for games, musea, etc.
A particle filter can be used to calculate the moving user's positions
in time. 

I have previously implemented this in Java, but I could do it in e.g.
Python too.

Now my questions are:
- is this project suitable for maemo?
- is anybody willing to mentor this project?

many thanks

guy van den broeck

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