[maemo-developers] Final (?) list of SoC projects

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Mar 26 10:55:35 EEST 2007
SoC mentor? Read this through!

http://maemo.org/maemowiki/GoogleSoC2007 updated with the latest

We have received some projects after the deadline, I believe that
redirected from other projects or Google's pool. I have marked two as
uneligible since they contained no project proposals, only introduction
of students willing to help (they have been pointed to maemo.org mailing
lists and garage projects, where a lot of help is needed). We have some
proposals that seem to overlap or be very similar, around location and
PC-device transfers. I'd say the average quality of the proposals are
good, some students have put a lot of effort in them already.

The list of projects and some comments, in no special order.

- Dasher via Maemo Device as Keyboard for PC 
This one might drop if it's confirmed that a Dasher port already exists.
Any links?

- IMAP-related enhancements to osso-email 
We have told this student that in fact most of the development hotness
is currently happening around http://modest.garage.maemo.org/ , inviting
him to refactor his proposal accordingly.

- Japanese/Chinese handwriting recognition on Maemo 
This student requested mentorship to Makoto Sugano, who is Nokia
employee but also maintainer in his free time of
https://garage.maemo.org/projects/maemocjk/. The project looks good and
it's well formulated. AFAIK there are no other mentors able to even read
basic Chinese/Japanese. Makoto would be happy mentoring this project.
Any objections? Note that Makoto's job in Nokia has nothing to do with
Chinese/Japanese implementation or any kind of L10n/i18n.

- Last.fm radio player 
Xan (Nokia employee and Last.fm fan) has requested mentorship of this
project and I have reminded him the backup policy. If a community mentor
wants to pick this one s/he will have preference. Otherwise we can keep
Xan and then the rest of mentors value the appropiateness of the combo
when ranking the project. The proposal itself is well formulated.

- Improve the phoneME JVM, to integrate well with Maemo and GPE
- Geolocation-based Transit Maps 
- 'Duality': Internet-based, PC-to-device-to-PC file transfer 
- Ocaml Maemo 
- WiFi </maemowiki/WiFi> -based Localization 
- Application in Mono to synchronize gpe-calendar with google calendar 
- Easy wireless interaction of Maemo-devices and pc's 
- Smoove - Instant Desktop Migration Suite 
- Ruby Maemo Bindings 
- Placemarking program for Nokia 770 and N800 
- DBAssistant - SQL Database builder and data entry 

*** SoC MENTORS ***
NOW it's time to review the applications, rank them, and offer yourself
to mentor your preferred. Deadline: this week (it can be done in 1-2
Please post your comments in all the projects (public/private) unless
you have really nothing to say. You should be active specially if you
are applying as mentor of a project. As said in a previous email, we
have approved all mentors without making any reliability check. But if
you are not reliable to post some SoC comments it is reasonable to think
that you might be not the perfect candidate for bigger SoC challenges.
We haven't discussed much the participation of the backup mentors in the
comments and ranks. Is it worth to discuss now? 
I would say that it is good that you take part as well since you are
experienced maemo developers. A way in between could be to let community
mentors to push the preferred projects while concentrating the attention
stopping the weakest options (duplicate work with existing projects,
potential difficulties in the execution and so on). In practice this
would mean that backup mentors wouldn't vote +4 and +2 as much as the
rest of values (+1, -1, -2 and N/A). This is no strong policy and not
even a strong recommendation, just a thought. Act according to your own
beliefs.  :) 

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