[maemo-developers] Final (?) list of SoC projects

From: Michael Dominic Kostrzewa michael.kostrzewa at nokia.com
Date: Mon Mar 26 15:42:37 EEST 2007
On Mon, Mar 26, 2007 at 10:55:35AM +0300, ext maemo-developers-bounces at maemo.org wrote:
> SoC mentor? Read this through!
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/GoogleSoC2007 updated with the latest
> information. 
> We have received some projects after the deadline, I believe that
> redirected from other projects or Google's pool. I have marked two as
> uneligible since they contained no project proposals, only introduction
> of students willing to help (they have been pointed to maemo.org mailing
> lists and garage projects, where a lot of help is needed). We have some
> proposals that seem to overlap or be very similar, around location and
> PC-device transfers. I'd say the average quality of the proposals are
> good, some students have put a lot of effort in them already.
> The list of projects and some comments, in no special order.
> - Dasher via Maemo Device as Keyboard for PC 
> This one might drop if it's confirmed that a Dasher port already exists.
> Any links?
> - IMAP-related enhancements to osso-email 
> We have told this student that in fact most of the development hotness
> is currently happening around http://modest.garage.maemo.org/ , inviting
> him to refactor his proposal accordingly.
> - Japanese/Chinese handwriting recognition on Maemo 
> This student requested mentorship to Makoto Sugano, who is Nokia
> employee but also maintainer in his free time of
> https://garage.maemo.org/projects/maemocjk/. The project looks good and
> it's well formulated. AFAIK there are no other mentors able to even read
> basic Chinese/Japanese. Makoto would be happy mentoring this project.
> Any objections? Note that Makoto's job in Nokia has nothing to do with
> Chinese/Japanese implementation or any kind of L10n/i18n.
> - Last.fm radio player 
> Xan (Nokia employee and Last.fm fan) has requested mentorship of this
> project and I have reminded him the backup policy. If a community mentor
> wants to pick this one s/he will have preference. Otherwise we can keep
> Xan and then the rest of mentors value the appropiateness of the combo
> when ranking the project. The proposal itself is well formulated.

I'm willing to help/advice on this one too. Maybe on the UI/gstreamer side or

MDK, another last.fm fan

> - Improve the phoneME JVM, to integrate well with Maemo and GPE
> enviroments 
> - Geolocation-based Transit Maps 
> - 'Duality': Internet-based, PC-to-device-to-PC file transfer 
> - Ocaml Maemo 
> - WiFi </maemowiki/WiFi> -based Localization 
> - Application in Mono to synchronize gpe-calendar with google calendar 
> - Easy wireless interaction of Maemo-devices and pc's 
> - Smoove - Instant Desktop Migration Suite 
> - Ruby Maemo Bindings 
> - Placemarking program for Nokia 770 and N800 
> - DBAssistant - SQL Database builder and data entry 
> *** SoC MENTORS ***
> NOW it's time to review the applications, rank them, and offer yourself
> to mentor your preferred. Deadline: this week (it can be done in 1-2
> hours). 
> Please post your comments in all the projects (public/private) unless
> you have really nothing to say. You should be active specially if you
> are applying as mentor of a project. As said in a previous email, we
> have approved all mentors without making any reliability check. But if
> you are not reliable to post some SoC comments it is reasonable to think
> that you might be not the perfect candidate for bigger SoC challenges.
> ;)
> We haven't discussed much the participation of the backup mentors in the
> comments and ranks. Is it worth to discuss now? 
> I would say that it is good that you take part as well since you are
> experienced maemo developers. A way in between could be to let community
> mentors to push the preferred projects while concentrating the attention
> stopping the weakest options (duplicate work with existing projects,
> potential difficulties in the execution and so on). In practice this
> would mean that backup mentors wouldn't vote +4 and +2 as much as the
> rest of values (+1, -1, -2 and N/A). This is no strong policy and not
> even a strong recommendation, just a thought. Act according to your own
> beliefs.  :) 
> Quim

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