[maemo-developers] RFC: maemo should have a weekly commit digest

From: Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri barbieri at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 29 05:19:27 EEST 2007

I see that Carlos and other Nokia guys are trying to improve
relationship with outside developers, however we still get a new
product without a changelog.

Since a while we can at least check the last packages by using
Sardine, which is incredible good. But keeping with the huge amount of
changes may be difficult to most people. Like, during Canola
development, I was so busy I still have backlogs of mail to process...
imagine reading every commit.

KDE approaches this problem with http://commit-digest.org/, it's a
weekly digest of what happened, highlight to important topics, maybe
screenshots or screencasts like those provided by Lucas Rocha, which
is doing an amazing job regarding public relation and visibility of
Maemo, its development and developers, which we would like to see.

Ok, many will argue that this is a hard task, but bear in mind that
although KDE doesn't have many lines of code or packages to track,
their commit rate is quite high, and they have a volunteer to create

There are scripts that they can (possible?) provide and annotations to
commits that helps to track commits.

Just have a look at last issue
http://commit-digest.org/issues/latest/, it's quick to have an
overview of what's happening.


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